Notice about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

The health and safety of students is a top priority for Las Cruces CPR.  We want to be proactive in sharing information and mitigating effects of any communicable disease, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19). To ensure accurate information is shared with our students, stakeholders and campus users, the following information is an important read.

All students accepted into class are directed to discontinue their class attendance if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms including fever, sneezing, coughing, congestion, or muscle aches that are not caused by another, preexisting condition. If you have these symptoms, please notify  Andy do not attend the training.

In addition, while attending training  you should practice good hygiene; washing hands (minimum of 20 seconds) or using hand sanitizer after using the restroom. Cough and sneeze etiquette (coughing or sneezing into your elbow) is always the correct thing to do and helps prevent the spread of germs through the air or contaminated hands.

Great News! Were Back!

you may do a complete course with me or complete some of the class online as a quick convenient hybrid.

Dont worry, we got this ;)

Our classes fall into two categories:

Heart Saver First Aid (Caregivers etc.)


BLS Healthcare Provider (Healthcare Professionals)

Licensed Healthcare Professional

Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider (4 hours or less).


BLS HCP Renewal 

(for keeping that sweet job you got!)​​​

Dental Assistants

Physical / Occupational Therapists 

Firefighters / EMTs

Healthcare, Medical, Clinic Employees

Caregivers, Massage Therapists, etc.

Heart Saver courses, which cover First Aid and CPR (4-5 hours long). These classes are geared for a more general audience like:

Teachers / Coaches

Tattoo Artists (NM DOH requirement)

Home Health / Personal Care-givers



Foster Parents (as required by FYI)


upcoming Group classes